PCC2000 In-floor Pool Cleaning System

Clean and Carefree

For some people, the work involved in pool maintenance is all that stands between them and their dream pool. Paddock's state-of-the-art pool cleaning, debris removal and circulation system is powered by our patented PCC2000® technology. This amazing and virtually invisible cleaning system always keeps your pool healthy, sparking clean and swim-ready.*


  • Built into the floor and walls of your pool during construction
  • Pop-up nozzles located throughout the pool bottom shoot streams of water that push debris to the drain area
  • Patented MDX® Main Drain Debris Removal System uses an efficient pump system to transfer waste from the main drain to an easy-to-clean canister at deck level
  • Superior efficiency in water circulation saves you money on chemical & energy costs
  • Custom-designed for your pool
  • Our Money-Back Guarantee promises your PCC2000® will clean better than any automatic swimming pool cleaner on the market**

Come see Paddock's exclusive PCC2000® in action at Gardentown's underwater viewing area or ask your pool designer to show you a PCC2000® video demonstration.

*Minimum Maintenance Required **Subject to Guarantee Certificate

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