Elegant and spectacular designs combined with the most innovative technologies to create a unique water paradise for each project unmatched by any other major pool builder is what Paddock Pools Arizona Commercial Division is about.



To create a unique water paradise for each project unmatched by any other major pool builder, Paddock Pools Arizona Commercial Division combine elegant and spectacular designs with the most innovative technologies. We design stunning water resorts utilizing all our resources, knowledge and expertise to bring each project to realization on time and on budget. No project is too small or too complicated. Choosing Paddock just makes sense.

QUALITYPaddock Quality

Since 1958, Paddock has created some of the most exciting pools for homes, resorts, hotels, and communities. Drawing from over 48 years of experience, we have combined elegant designs and breathtaking water features with the latest technologies in pool care and maintenance. Assisting project architects and engineers with detailed drawings using our in-house AutoCAD system, we adhere to the highest construction standards in the industry and provide the highest quality major commercial construction for luxury hotels and resorts, competition pools, water parks, wellness centers . . . we have done it all. Having built over $30 million in commercial pools and 65,000 residential pools, we have a proven history of satisfied customers. You can be confident knowing you will receive quality engineering and ingenuity that goes into every project we build.


Not every pool builder can handle the BIG projects. To successfully complete a major commercial pool project, strength and confidence are required. Strength from having the financial resources necessary to oversee the project through all stages to its completion, with up to $10 million in bonding capacity. Confidence that results from a proven track record of performance under every conceivable circumstance.

Paddock is one of Arizona's largest dollar revenue pool companies in the Valley. Our customers trust our ability to complete sizable projects because they know we have the staying power of over 36 years behind us. They understand the significance of our ability to secure the proper capitalization needed during each phase.

With over 65,000 pools bearing the Paddock name, we've proven our business judgment and professional capacity to manage any situation. When it comes to hotel, motel, resort, and semi-public water projects, no other major pool builder is prepared to match our performance.


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