Service & Maintenance FAQ


Have a question about the care and maintenance of your pool or spa? Let us help you find the answer! Check below to see if yours is a Frequently Asked Question, and e-mail our Pool Pro if needed.

As always, our friendly and knowledgeable Outdoor Living Super Store employees at any of our 14 locations in Arizona or Nevada are happy to help you in person.

  1. Question: How often should I shock my pool?
    Answer: Summertime: 2 times/month, depending on use. Wintertime: 1 time/month.
  2. Question: How often should I test my pool/spa water?
    Answer: For pool: every other day during summer and once per week during winter. For spa: 3-4 times/week all year long.
  3. Question: How often should I drain my spa?
    Answer: Every 3-4 months, depending on use.
  4. Question: How much does your computerized water analysis cost?
    Answer: It's absolutely FREE, bring your water in as often as you like.
  5. Question: Which test kit is the easiest and most accurate to use?
    Answer: Test strips are quick, easy and accurate.
  6. Question: How often do I backwash my filter?
    Answer: Whenever your clean running pressure rises 5-10 lbs.
  7. Question: I have algae in my pool; how do I get rid of it?
    Answer: Bring in a water sample to your nearest Paddock store for the best algae treatment for your pool.
  8. Question: How do I get the calcium build-up off the waterline of my pool?
    Answer: Apply tile cleaner directly on the build-up and scrub it off.
  9. Question: How long does my pool need to be filtered?
    Answer: In the summer you should filter (clean) the total volume of your pool twice in one day. Newer pools with 2" PVC pipe size have the capacity to clean 80 to 100 gpm of water with the correct pump and filter. Example: An 80 gpm rated pump and filter with 2" plumbing will turn 4,800 gallons in 1 hour. To filter a 16,000 gallon pool twice at a rate of 80 gpm would require 6.7 hours of operation.

    Older pools with 1.5" pipe size will require longer run times in the summer time. 1.5" PVC pipe size is rated at a maximum of 60 gpm. The same size pool of 16,000 gallons with a pump and filter rated at 60 gpm will require you to run your pool for a minimum of 9 hours to turn your water off twice. Colder climate requires lower turnover rate.
  10. Question: Can I leave my solar cover on all year when the pool is not being used?
    Answer: It's not a good idea. That shortens the life of the cover.
  11. Question: How often should I clean/replace the cartridge in my spa?
    Answer: The cartridge should be cleaned at least once a month. The average life of a cartridge is approximately 3-4 years.
  12. Question: If my pool chemistry is out of balance, what gets balanced first?
    Answer: 1) Alkalinity; 2) pH; 3) Calcium hardness; 4) Stabilizer; 5) Chlorine.
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